Get Better without Comparison

Get Better without Comparison


If your experiencing a feeling of failure or unhappiness you are not alone.

“The Conference Board reports that 53 percent of Americans are currently unhappy at work.” – Forbes

“Researchers find 69 per cent of people feel trapped in the same old routine and over 40 per cent are unhappy with their lives” – The Telegraph

Before I go on, I just want to state for the record that I am no expert and any advice I give is based entirely on my own experience and opinion. I have experienced a lack of fulfilment many times before and have found that the ideas in this article along with good diet and exercise have contributed towards a solution.

Now that caveat is out of the way…

Firstly it’s important to work out if you are actually objectively not succeeding. Social media gives everyone the ability to follow the 0.001% of success stories as if they were high school friends. This opens up the door to negatively comparing your own life to theirs even if you yourself are in the top 1% of achievers.

To address this, try to think about your own habits and actions isolation. Are you actively doing something that is causing you to feel pain? are you not putting your best effort into something?

If this is the case, you can begin to rectify your these actions and fix the cause of the pain. More on this in future posts but put simply – Identify and eliminate. If it is lack of action that is causing you pain Identify and Implement.


Much of the time you may find that it isn’t your actions that are the issue, you are genuinely giving your best effort and having some level of success in your endeavours. It isn’t your action or inaction that is causing you pain its the perception of your results. The issue may be purely that you feel artificially close to those that are the top of your industry. The truth is that at any other time in history you would not feel like you needed to compare your results to these people.

A lot has been said around social media so I will keep this brief – you do not know the reality of these peoples’ lives or where they started from.

Now at Improvr we are absolutely not about excuses, we believe you can do better but success comes from focusing on your own actions not the results of others. If you find that certain people on social media are causing you pain delete them.


You may feel like these same people provide value or inspiration to you and this may be true. You must think carefully about the net effect on your life. Watching other people succeed is a form of procrastination. You must concentrate on your work.

If these people have a net negative effect, delete them! you are not missing anything.

Control your media diet. Focus on you.

and remember

“Comparison is the their of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt



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