Get Better.. Get Paid

You know that thing you really love? That thing you do whenever you have the time? That thing you secretly wish you’d managed to become a pro at?
What if you still can?

Right now you do something for enjoyment and you do it better than you think. You are an expert, maybe not an outright expert in the field but compared to someone who has just started you have a huge amount of knowledge. If whatever is springing to mind for you is an activity you only began recently, even better. Documenting your mistakes as they happen can be even more useful than discussing them after the fact.

Remember how long it took to get to the level of skill your currently at? Remember all the time you wasted doing something wrong? You can cut someone else’s learning curve in half. You can cut 1000 peoples’ learning curve in half if you just write down what you now know.

And here’s a secret… you can get paid for it.


Nearly everyone hates to sell, for most people it feels seedy and disingenuous but here’s the rub: how far would you have got without anyone else’s advice?

There is someone, online or in person, to whom you owe a lot for their advice in getting you a good proportion of where you are today. You have since taken that advice, added your own discoveries to it, removed some steps that you don’t think are necessary. This has given you a unique angle.
Whoever you got this advice from wrote or spoke in such a way that appealed to you at the time but they won’t appeal to everyone. There are people out there who would find you a more compelling person to learn from than your mentor.

You have the power to positively influence other people’s lives in a way that other people cannot.

Maybe your unique angle is that you started from a different position in life, a different geography, you took a different approach. Maybe you found a quicker way or just a more entertaining way to explain the method.
Your knowledge potentially has incredible value to others. Sharing that knowledge is a great way to improve your own understanding, get paid for what you love and help others at the same time.

Whatever your thing is find a way to coach others, write a blog, film a youtube video. In the War of Art Steven Pressfield explains that the professional just turns up. The professional does the work everyday and doesn’t worry about perfection. Become professional.

Get started. It will open doors down the road and give you the opportunity to maintain fair exchange by charging for your time and expertise either directly in person or just through ad revenue on your site.

Author: Improvr

Upgrading myself, inspiring others

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