Progress doesn’t work how you think…

Much like the motivation you experience for any particular goal life seems to move in waves. A period of stagnation followed by a period of progress. Although it often appears to be the oppositve I firmly believe that the solid work done in the stagnation phase is the key to overall success. Like a hammer smashing through the window there is no measurable progress during the swing, but this is where you build momentum. All at once something will give and sudden progression occurs.

Constant effort to transcend your current level in all persuits is mandatory for a life well lived. We are self improvement machines and overcoming an obstacle can have unintentded side effects. Whatever stage you are at the people around you will tell you that the next level cannot be achieved. It’s too hard. It isn’t worth it. It’s too risky.

Do not listen. These people are wrong.

The truth is that the people around you are often stuck at the same level you are. They don’t want to see you progress because of what that means for them.

If nobody is telling you that your efforts are futile and a bridge too far you are not trying hard enough. Seek out new challenges constantly.

You must improve. This is a mantra for life.

Oportet Amplio.

Author: Improvr

Upgrading myself, inspiring others

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